Saturday, March 28, 2015

Fun Post at My Blue Heaver Knits

Read this for fun:  A Crafter's Story of Anger Management

Personal disclaimer:  My obsessive knitting is because I love to knit.  Thank goodness, it's not because I'm angry at John!

When I'm angry at John, he knows it...   :)


  1. Diana,
    I want to let you know that your videos have resurrected a nearly extinct craft. In Maryland, where I live, I could not find a single person who teaches machine knitting within 90 miles. Your wealth of knowledge and expertise at teaching has created so much joy for me and family. Thank you for your generosity a thousand times over. Your knit leader tutorial is incredible. I never expected so much. And thank you for the little gift as well.

  2. Diana, could you do a video that shows how to make a hoodie with the inside seam covered??? I make hoodies for the g'kids but am never really happy with them because the inside seam sewing the hood to the jacket is raw & unfinished looking. I have seen hoodies that have both seams enclosed but don't know how to do it. I always use a double band when I do cardigans or pullovers but wish that I knew how to make the seam on the inside look better. Thx :)

  3. Hi, Sheryl! A really good way to do this is hang the stitches on the main bed, put the ribber in half pitch and bring up all the ribber needles in-between the MB needles - ribber needles will be empty. Knit a slow zigzag row. Knit maybe 8 rows set for circular. Then move your stitches to the main bed only and knit the hood. This makes a great enclosure. I do plan to make a video of the technique, which is something I use for necklines to enclose the edge before the band.