Sunday, June 7, 2015

New Video for June - Brother Floppy Disk Drive Repair - Belt Replacement

The old Brother floppy disk drives are usually broken by now, but we need them if we have old floppy disks with patterns.  At the very least, we need to get the patterns off and into a modern computer.

It turns out that most of the time, what breaks is the belt inside the floppy disk drive. This is a simple little part, quite like a rubber band, and John taught me how to change it.  I've made a video of my changing out that belt:

I put this video up because I found it quite interesting, but here's a disclaimer:  I'm not a knitting machine repair person, and neither is John.  Please don't ask me how to fix machines, because I usually don't know what to tell you, beyond the usual clean it, oil it, and put a good sponge bar in it. 

There are a few things John fixes for me, but we're not claiming to be experts.  We don't have time to run a repair business, and we don't have a stock of parts.  If you attempt this yourself, you're going to need to take the usual precautions (unplug the thing, for instance, and keep track of the screws as you remove them).  You'll also need to order the belt, make that company's minimum order, and pay a bit of shipping.  You might prefer to work with one of the several knitting machine dealers around the country who do repairs and would do a terrific job on your disk drive.  I am very grateful that there are still terrific repair people in the business.

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