Saturday, February 6, 2016

New Video for February - Stuffed Valentine Hearts

Happy Valentine's Day!

So...I'm a week early.  Well, it's a week for you to knit one of these little pincushions, or pillows, or sachets, or whatever-you-can-think-of little stuffed hearts.  It only takes a dab of yarn, can be done on almost any machine, and is great short-rowing and Kitchener practice.

Here's one that I made with tightly-knit wool yarn on the standard gauge machine (the 100 stitch size), then filled loosely with rice for a heating pad.  I hope the picture of me putting my hand under it shows how it has a little weight and molds to your body.

And, here are some little ones that I made for pin cushions (filled with bits of waste yarn).  Now. I find that I've gotten quite happily used to having a pin cushion next to my machine with tapestry needles.  They're very handy.

Below is a brief chart (not really a written-out pattern with complete instructions - you'll need to watch the video - with some different sizes you can make.  I'm not going to give gauges and measurements, because you could do this with a bulky gauge, mid-gauge, or standard gauge and use various yarns.

Stuffed Heart Chart
Cast on with waste yarn
over ____ stitches1620304060100
Chain to main yarn
Knit ___ rows plain45681225
Short row decrease
to ____ stitches222222
Short row increase until
all stitches are back in work
Rows to knit plain45681225
Put half of needles in hold
Short row down to
___ stitches468101424
Increase until all
stitches are back in work
Do other side
Take off on waste yarn
Kitchener stitch



  1. I have tested in handknit, too! :-) Thank you for the idea!

  2. Thank you Diana for the hearts! Our German facebokk knitting machine group is now in the heart-knitting fever!

    best regards

  3. Thank you for the vĂ­deo , I will use it to make beautiful hangers.