Saturday, February 16, 2019

Connie's Warm Idea & Other Variations on the No-Sew Lined Slipper

Connie has come up with a very clever modification to my sew-as-you-go lined slipper from the Footnotes book.  She adds a cuff, which is doubled like the rest of the slipper!  Connie says she lives in Michigan and needed to make a warmer slipper.

She was kind enough to send me a photo and give permission to share this great idea on my blog.

I asked her how she does it, and she said that after knitting the lining, she added 40 rows and then went back to the rest of the pattern.  It does take some sewing, of course, but it's minimal.

This Sew As You Go Lined Slipper is probably my most popular slipper pattern.  It's double, and when you finish knitting it, the only sewing you have to do is hide the ends.  With Connie's modification, the only sewing you'll need to do is sew the cuff closed and hide the ends! 

The Footnotes book has the slipper in 12 sizes for standard gauge, mid-gauge, and bulky machines.  Here's a picture of the slippers without the cuffs.  I make the slippers in all sorts of yarn, since I have all those gauges worked out.

When you have a pattern for a small project like this, and lots of gauge options, it makes a great scrappy project.  Connie used two colors on her cuffed slipper, and I used at least two colors (an outside and a lining color on the ones in the photo.  Consider, then, my brown and green scrappy variation from the Footnotes book:

To get this look, do your color changes at the narrowest part of the heel and toe of the outer slipper.

If, like me, you knit a lot of woolen socks, you end up with a bunch of small balls of leftover sock yarn.  Sock yarn works very well for the standard gauge version.

Finally, one more slipper idea.  For a luxurious slipper, you need only a small amount of a luxurious yarn, something super soft, for instance, baby alpaca, to line the slipper.

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