Friday, December 3, 2021

NEW YouTube Video - Elf Hat

 I am having more digital patterns to keep the cost and shipping down and to reach different people.  

The problem with this is that I have always believed that an important part of my work was the companion videos showing all the techniques.  People who couldn't follow other patterns could follow mine!  Now I have the idea of putting up a free video showing the techniques that go into a pattern I am selling.  This kills two birds with one stone - it teaches techniques for free and helps sell a pattern and keep me in business.

I put up this Elf Hat (which I featured in Joy of Machine Knitting - if you were in that seminar, you already have this pattern in the private group and on your USB).  I love this one because it has a very interesting hem and lots of easy garter bar work.  Maybe if I can get folks to try the garter bar doing something easy but super useful, like even decreases, they'll use the bar more.  I have the Elf Hat pattern in five sizes for standard, mid-gauge and bulky machines.

I also put up an Etsy page where you can get a digital pattern much faster.  My regular shopping site doesn't support this, but Etsy does.  If you order at my regular site, I email you your pattern when I see the order the next morning.  At Etsy, you download it right away.  So that's new - I am old but I can learn!  Click here to see my new (very small) Etsy store.

I'm also suggesting to people that they join my new Facebook group.  I now have a free group that is knitting-related only and is going to be a very nice community.  I am not crazy about Facebook, but if you limit content to a topic and have sensible group rules, it's got some great features, including the ability to post videos and files and interact so easily.  I have already posted a bunch of 8-stitch patterns because I have been making Needle Beetle videos (they're not all up yet - just a little more to do).  Here is the link to the Facebook group, and I hope you'll consider joining.

Here's the new video:

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