Saturday, November 21, 2009

Copyright Issues - Knitting Videos

If you want to do something with my videos, please ask me for permission. I can be emailed at diana_knits at (spelled out the @ to thwart spammers). I like to say yes, but you need to ask.

There was a brief thread over at the absolutely wonderful Yahoo Machine Knitting group about knitters downloading the videos and burning them to CDs and then sending them to fellow knitters who were having trouble viewing them, mostly because of bandwidth issues, like only having dial-up. I know folks are just trying to be helpful, but don't do that. Respect my copyright.

I am aware of the need and am trying to figure out solutions. I've shared CDs before, but don't really have time to do it piecemeal. I need to keep working on videos in the free time I do have.

I love my day job, and I don't think a busy knitting business is in the cards for me again.

On down the road, I'd like to make some CDs with video files on them (or DVDs - surely I could learn how to work with DVDs) and sell them at very reasonable prices wth a decent workbook.

For now, I just want to teach people to knit. Then I want them all to fall in love with the hobby and add to the general level of buzz and creativity around MK.

I have started writing the workbook for the beginner course, but haven't gotten too terribly far.

Gotta run - the shawl and shawl video is needing some Saturday morning work.

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