Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What's Diana Working On?

Are you wondering why I'm "quiet?" Well, I am knitting a lace weight shawl in lace using the swirl idea (like the swirl baby blanket). I have simplified this so that there are only two passes with the lace carriage and 2 passes with the regular carriage, then an increase. I want it simple so everyone with a standard Brother and a lace carriage can make it. In fact, I'm using a small enough pattern repeat to work with punch card machines.

This is slow going for me because lace yarn is SO fine and I only have a little time each evening to knit. It takes more stitches and rows, and I need lots of light to pick up the tiny edge stitches. I probably won't do this again - I'll use a fingering-sock-2/12 weight instead and have a bigger shawl, still gorgeous, in less time. The technique will be just the same, though, and this makes such a big impact for an easy technique. It just takes patience, and you have to be very gentle with the lace weight yarn so it doesn't break.

You can make lace shawls every bit as beautiful as the handknitters do, and they often knit for months to get one done.

After I get the shawl triangles done I will film the edging and photograph the finished project. Maybe tonight I'll get a photo to put up of the current state of the project.

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