Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Now Available: Sock DVD & Pattern Package!

The sock knitting packages are finally available!

The package includes a book and a DVD.
Here's what in the book:

1. Sock knitting tips and techniques - 7 pages of information about knitting socks on the standard gauge machine.

2. Detailed instructions - written out for the women's medium size. I elected to do it this way instead of giving you multiple size numbers to hunt through and circle. Knit a pair, following the detailed instructions, and after that, you'll very likely prefer to work from the one-page summarized pattern chart, which has all the sizes.

3. The pattern chart - includes twelve sizes, from little kids to big guys. It's printed in color on the inside of the back cover. The columns for the various sizes are colored to make it visually easy to focus on your desired size instructions.
3. DVD - the video has all the material used in the three YouTube circular sock videos, plus an extra video lesson showing how to fold the cuff and begin circular knitting using a garter bar. The DVD, unlike the YouTube videos, is in the higher definition 1080p resolution for a remarkably clear picture.

The garter bar method of folding the cuff saves quite a bit of time.

Price $25 + shipping, and sales tax if sold to a Texas resident.


  1. Hi: Congratulations on your DVD and book. I would like to thank you again for all your videos. Just finished watching all of them last night. They have been a tremendous help. I have a Brother Electroknit 930E set up. I had forgotten the part/tuck and other buttons functions, since I used to knit plain sweaters and I would duplicate stitch sometimes, or use Susan Guagliumi's manipulated stitches.
    You have shown me that I can use many more functions of my machine and produce (possibly) beautiful garments. Thank you again for all your work. [I have placed your link in my blogger blog, and my youtube page.]

  2. Hi,
    I just purchased a Singer 700 w/150 ribber. I was trying to do your sock on youtube and have gotten stuck on the part where you push the tuck button. My Singer doesn't have a tuck button like I have on my Brother 910. Is there something I'm just not seeing??

    I want to buy your sock DVD's but I'm afraid I won't be able to use them with my Singer.

  3. I can't think of any tucks in the sock. I believe it's the "part" button on the Brother that you press. What you need is a free pass, to get to the other side without disturbing the knitting. That's a very useful setting and your manual will explain how to do it.

    On the Singer, it might be a setting on the dial.

  4. Thanks Diana! After watching you video a few times I caught on to you saying "slip past without stitching"...The Singer is not as simple as the Brother carraige with just the push of a button...you've got to know to change the dial and change one of the levers on the side. But I DID IT!! ♥♥♥♥ I'm in sock heaven now...Lol

    I do have one question though. On you new Sock DVD your selling. Is it the same sock or variations of that sock?

    Thanks bunches!!

  5. Wendy, if you could tell us the dial and lever setting for the Studio, it would help other people as well.

    The Sock DVD and book is the same sock, but in 12 sizes (little kids through men) plus it has another lesson on how to fold the cuff with the garter bar instead of with waste yarn.

  6. To knit circular on a Singer Studio 700 and a Singer Ribber 150: Set you main carriage dial to slip stitch (S,I). Next change your right side lever to the O, left side lever to the triangle. Your ribber carriage needs to be set to left switch to 0 and right switch to 1. To set "Hold" stitches you move the front side levers to "I" on both sides.

    Hope this helps someone else! Wendy

  7. Dear Diana, what a wonderful resource. I have 14 knitting machines, perhaps six ribbers, and I have been trying for 12 years to find out how to do a circular sock. Your information Wendy helps alot as I use my Singer 360.Thank you both so much.

    Diana, I made a vow not to make any purchases for luxury items until Lent is over, so see you in about a month!

  8. Hi Diana, I just got your enterlac DVD on eBay and was so pleased to see you had made one. I have enjoyed your youtube videos, and always send new machine knitters to view them. You present your instructions so well! Many Blessings for being such a help source for so many! Cobi

  9. Hi Diana,

    I'd like to order this CD and book, but I'm wondering if it can be used with the SK 860 midgauge machine.


  10. The patterns are standard gauge. Unless you can get the gauge, which is about 8 stitches per inch, the patterns will not work well on a midgauge machine. The techniques, of course, work on any machine with a ribber, but the sock patterns are sized for the standard machines.

  11. Diana, thanks for the replacement DVD, you DID NOT have to do that! I continue to watch your youtube posts, and have to say you are the best on youtube I have seen, and I know you have helped many many gals and guys, including me.
    I love the DVD's I have gotten from you and am looking forward to more from you in the future. Blessings, Cobi

  12. There used to be a set of decker combs (multiple stitch holders) for the standard gauge Singer/Silver Reed machines. I had a 20 stitch one that I used in place of waste yarn for transferring stitches from the main bed to the ribber for circular knitting on the sock. I don't know if they are still available, but there might be some still around. These are a little easier to use than a garter bar. (This is the method used on the Passap.) Newton's Yarn Country is a great resource; I got a KR 10 for my Singer LK 150. Didn't know there was such a thing until I read my manual. I am so pleased. Found out about Newton's from your blog.

  13. I am a bit confused by the shortrow numbers on the pattern chart. For women's med sock it says 11 on heel and toe. The smaller size is 12 and largest is 16. Shouldn't the med be 14? Is this a typo or am I reading the chart incorrectly? Thank you so much. Loved the video and book.

  14. Go ahead and follow the numbers on the chart. They had to change to get the overall length of the foot correct.

  15. Diana,
    I have made a number of socks now from your dvd and book. The pattern is working out great except for the short rowing at the toe and at the end you pick up below to keep from a hole happening, then you do a fully fashioned decrease. I am finding that after grafting I am getting a lump on both sides of the foot where the decrease is. Am I doing something wrong. It has happened on all the socks. I can kinda press it out but would like for it not to happen.
    Thanks, LorriH

  16. Can this technique be used on Passap machines?

    1. Passap instructions are not included with this. The Passap does make great socks, though. There's a really good pattern over the Passap Yahoo group files. Diana