Friday, January 29, 2010


Got the first half of the garter bar course "rendered," which runs all night and sometimes fails. Put it in the DVD player this morning and found not one, but two, uses of a wrong word. Wouldn't it be lovely if the video said, "If you have an open latch, you will need to open it with the plastic card tool?" I am actually thinking one word and saying another...have to go voice over those sections, see if I can get that to come out okay, and then re-render the video file. I film and knit and talk all at the same time, and sometimes, I get very surprisingly stupid results.

On the other hand, the pictures are just great. You can see how to do things better, I think, than if I were sitting next to you knitting.

I am driving to Houston this morning for the mid-year meeting of the Texas Society of CPAs board. This is an event in which they put a couple hundred CPAs in a ballroom together and we bore each other to death - just kidding! We are not any more boring than anybody else, as far as I can tell, and I love going to meetings because I enjoy the people so much!

I have a co-worker who always teases me that just seeing me or talking to me puts him straight to sleep, that CPAs are THAT boring! Oh well, this colleague is uber-hyper and needs someone to calm him down once in a while. It wouldn't do a bit of harm if I actually did bore him into a stupor.

Originally, John was planning to go to Houston with me, but he and Sammy are staying in Austin, holding the fort, because John has a work deadline. Yesterday was Steven's 20th birthday. He's in College Station but will turn up Saturday night or Sunday to collect a birthday surprise, something itsy-bitsy. If the child actually read my blog, he might encounter a hint somewhere, so that's all I have to say.


  1. Are the new videos that you are doiing going to be utube videos??

  2. The garter bar course DVD set will be for sale. I refilmed in hi def for those. I will leave the old YouTube garter bar course up. The DVDs have more information, and are 1080p hi-def picture.

    I am planning a new YouTube video to put up before Valentine's Day (I hope)!