Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Special, While They Last

Do you wish you could have made it to the Space City Knitters seminar?  Yup, it's not easy to drop your life and travel to a knit seminar.

While I can't bottle the camaraderie and laughter, I do have a few Houston books left.  These are very nice little books, spiral bound, 22 pages, and stuffed with machine knitting demos, notes, tips, and techniques.

Contents:  fast utility cast on, free pass, a couple pet bind-offs, fast V-neck kids' raglan, circular baby blanket, idiot cord edging, sew-as-you-go cap sleeve, crocheting to cast off, Kitchener Stitch, Duplicate Stitch, 7 garter bar demos, 7 ribber demos, 2 scalloped lace demos, mirror image lace, single bed sock, thread lace, Norwegian baby bootie, sock techniques, Jaws, and 5 ribber trims.

Want one?  While they last, I'll send one free with any merchandise order at www.dianaknits.com or the "diana_natters" seller ID on eBay.


  1. Just placed an order and would love to have one of these books if any left. Pat Treichler

  2. Whoa, I'm getting a nice response, but no, I'm not out of books yet.

    I promise, you'll like this book.