Saturday, October 30, 2010

DFW Seminar

If I've been a bit quiet, it's that I am engrossed in next week's seminar preparation! I'm finished with the special video for the seminar (this time my seminar special is a free video of gift ideas with any purchase), almost finished with the samples for hands-on lessons, got my handout books and paperwork together, and later today, we're going to experiment with audio ideas (my voice is soft). Then next Friday I'm taking part of the day off, after I talk to our staff at my office about annual open enrollment, and we're driving to Dallas. Friday evening, we'll take our son and his girlfriend Kelly to dinner, which we are really looking forward to doing, since hubby John hasn't met Kelly except on the phone and our son is utterly smitten. I've met her in person and think she's wonderful, and hubby John has was charmed on the phone.

Saturday morning we'll set up - can't set up early, but it won't take long - and begin with some basics, some cast-ons and bind-offs they requested, then some garter bar stuff. We plan to do kitchener and piecrust stitch hands-on. As time permits, I included the circular baby blanket and the V-neck raglan, and I may do very brief demos and discussion on those.

Then the ribber has to be put on the machine so we can look at the e-wrap ribber cast-on, the broken toe cast-on, a couple of bind-offs, including smiles and frowns. Next, release stitch lace on the ribber, quilted ribbing, some jacquard and some sock stuff. That ought to fill the first day and I'll be amazed if I get through it all, but it's all in the handouts. My friend Barbara will stop me and make me take breaks - I go into some sort of weird overdrive. I also have several ribber trims, a Jaws demo, if time permits.

Sunday: Scalloped lace, automatic scalloped lace, and mirror image lace. Fitting tips and Knitleader discussion. Some baby bootie techniques (I don't think there's time to do the whole bootie but I do think I can hit highlights and explain how the auto shaping works). Brief demo (this is hard to keep brief) of my Entrelac method. Time permitting, a single bed sock.

I know we'll have fun. This is a wonderful group of knitters, not that it's unusual for groups of knitters to be really enjoyable! I think there may be a few spaces left, but I honestly don't know. Last week there was still room. There's the DFW Seminar Site if you need information.

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  1. I am so excited about this....and I'm a new "grandma" so let's try and get that bootie done!! Just joking...I can hardly wait...and to see entrelac: I hand knit and crochet, so I've done entrelac and I'm totally intrigued. See you next weekend! Sandy!!