Sunday, October 10, 2010

New Video: Knit a Hair Scrunchie with Youngest Knit Natter

Some of the ladies in the Knit Natters group have taught children to machine knit.  Mary has worked with a great many kids in her classrooms and had both boys and girls machine knitting, and Barbara's granddaughter is an amazing, patient little knitter - and a patient demonstrator, as well, as yesterday we worked to film her teaching us grownups how to make hair scrunchies, one of her favorite projects.  We had to film a lot of it twice, since I was having audio problems, and she was fantastic.

You can make these scrunchies with any knitting machine and most weights of yarn.  You can vary the number of rows in the loops.  With thinner yarn, you need less than an ounce to make a nice, fat ponytail scrunchie.  Play around with beads, buttons, and contrasting scraps of yarn for variations.

If you teach a child to machine knit, do stay with him or her.  It is possible to catch your hair in the machine, to prick a finger on a needle, or to damage the machine with rough handling.  This truly is a wonderful hobby to share with a child.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Diana, and be sure and pass on my thanks to Princess too, for a clear and excellent presentation.

    I love the project, and your demonstrator, Princess, you are a natural talent in front of the camera, and I hope we will see more from you.
    This brought a big smile to my face this grey morning!

  2. What a sweet child. Well done Princess! Thanks for the demonstration.


  3. Can you help me? I tried sending you a private email but it bounced back to me.

    I have a 1957 Passap M201 still in a shipping box from Germany. I want to learn to use a knitting machine but the instruction books for setting this machine up and the pattern books are all in Dutch. Would you happen to know if an English version exists for this model? Where I can find it?

  4. Anita, I'm sorry, but I am not familiar with that model. If you go to the yahoo group Passap list and post your question, you might find out more. There are some very knowledgeable ex-dealers on that list.

  5. I made one of the scrunchies out of Bernat Matrix ribbon yarn and really like it. Marylou Miller

  6. is there a written pattern for the scrunchie?????

    Kathy ( in australia)

  7. No written pattern. It's a pattern my friend uses, don't know its origin.