Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cheap Prescriptions

I'm having dental work, and needed some prescriptions. I dropped the scrips off at WalMart Friday because I needed a few items there anyway, and Saturday, I picked up the filled prescriptions at the WalMart pharmacy drive-through.

I only paid $4 for each prescription drug..  These were common, generic drugs.  I didn't use my health insurance plan, either, since they were less than the drug co-pay. I don't normally use their pharmacy, and I asked about these prices.  She gave me a big list of all the WalMart generic drug prices.  I was surprised that WalMart still has this cheap pricing on so many drugs.

Last time we needed an antibiotic, a doctor prescribed the same one for my son, and it cost a lot more!  I'm sending him to WalMart next time!

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