Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ways to Improve Your Knitting: Do A Better Cast-Off

You may have noticed that if you do a latch-tool bind-off as shown in your machine knitting manual, you get a funny ridge.  And, if you move a stitch over, knit through, then move that over, and knit through, you get a bumpy holey edge.

There are two cast-offs that look just like smooth hand knitters' cast-offs that I do most of the time.  These are easy.  They look alike, but the fast one is used when the tension dial is set below 6 and the other one is used when the tension dial is set above 6.

The fast one is the one I refer to as "Loop-Through-A-Loop."  See this video:

The other one takes just a little longer, but is great when the garment tension setting is bigger. I call it "Transfer Tool Bind-Off, Chain Edge:"


  1. Up until now I've been taking the stitches off onto two needles in order to bind off, for exactly the reasons you stated above. I didn't like the way the cast offs looked. THANK YOU for posting this.


  2. Your videos are so helpful. I learned the basics from my manual, but it left me with more questions than answers. I had lost interest in my machines until I came across your videos on YouTube, and I purchased them in the early 80's!! Thank you.

  3. Hello Diana I wanted to ask a favor, lace n page 11 and 20 I can not say I know something more? by Vanda

  4. Vanda, is your question about "Enchanted Edgings?" the pattern son pages 11 and 20 are similar, but not alike. Notice the difference in the holes to punch (or spots to input) along the left edge.

    The difference makes 20 do the curve.

    Hope that's helpful...

  5. I mean Merlins' mesh and magic spell

    Diana, sorry I know that the holes are not equal but I do them by hand because with the cart, one can not fail to see how others have done but I can not.
    1) KCII put up with the cart on the right hand basket then put 2 buttons on the left part but when I return to the position of the needle as the others unless it is to skip the second line
    Thanks Vanda

  6. Vanda, the problem is going to be some simple thing, but I don't know what it is. I can only suggest you put the DVD in a computer right next to the machine and follow along...maybe you'll see the issue.

    Try knitting with no yarn and watch needle selection to make sure the card is positioned correctly.