Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Work went from frantic last week to boring this week, as we put the finishing touches on a big project.  I don't want to be one of those unenthusiastic clock-punchers waiting for the work week to end, but I was anxious for this weekend to arrive.

We've had something we absolutely had to do, and always something very time-consuming that took over half the weekend, every week for at least a month.

John and I have promised each other we will go do something fun for Memorial Day weekend.  We are normally very homebody-ish.

Central Texas is famous for having a lot of cool stuff to go and do.  Let's see, there are live music venues all around Austin and surrounding communities, including a folk music festival this weekend.  There's a World War II military display/event at Camp Mabry this weekend.  There are live plays and comedies around the area.  There's a quilt show!  There are lots of museums we haven't seen.  There's Brahms in the Park in Georgetown.  There's a Renaissance fair going on somewhere north of here.

The list of opportunities goes on and on, but we definitely want to go see a friend of mine perform with his 60s retro band at a local night spot tomorrow night.  So, we just made each other a deal - John wants to work on something with one of the cars tomorrow, and I want to knit.  We will take some time to do those things Saturday before we go to the band performance.  We'll have church Sunday, and we'll choose some of these other opportunities for later in the weekend.

Last Christmas we had a "staycation," and it was fantastic.  I'm hunkering down for a 3-day one right now.


  1. Big Daddy and I are actually going to have the house to ourselves for the most part of Saturday. If you don't count 3 dogs, 3 dragons and a guinea pig. I have knocked myself out cleaning and getting things out of the way so I can just enjoy his company. We have also been looking into some day trips (mini-vacations) around this great state. Scarborough Faire is awesome if you get the chance to visit. Homestead Heritage is also a fab place to visit.
    Although I was born and raised in Texas, I am not really familiar with the happenings in these parts and I miss little country bar where my friends and I would gather to play darts and dance.
    I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  2. Carla, we're still hoping you turn up at Knit Natters! We have two other gals from your area who come sometimes. Think about our first MK seminar that we're having in October.

    I'll bite - what pet is a dragon? Our kid has a crested gecko...we've had a host of other critters, having raised boys.

    Yep, we live here but we don't necessarily do the fun things. We work a lot...

  3. Diana, I would love to and I do intend to sneak up on ya'll! Presently, I find myself without a vehicle and up to my lashes in grandmonsters.
    Two of the dragons are Australian Bearded Dragons and one is a Chinese Water Dragon. I grew up on a farm and my lil darlins are as close as I can get to having livestock in town...
    That work'n a lot thing is something we are working on changing. Big Daddy and I have committed to one another to simplify and spend more time just enjoying our family.

  4. We went to the Kerrville Folk Festival. Awful hot, though.

    Next meeting is 6/11, and if you are interested but need a ride, I could put something on the Knit Natters list and see if one of our members in your area could give you a ride. Email me at diana_knits "at" sbcglobal "dot" net.