Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tom's Slipper Socks

A note from Tom in my inbox today -


Well, you said you liked here is my latest!  Made on my Brother Bulky 260 w/ribber.  I sued the exact same pattern I sent you, except, did 10 rows of rib (and of course the heel color).

Not too shabby for my first shot at a short cuff.  LOL"

No kiddin', Tom, not too shabby at all!  Didn't these turn out great?  And, Tom charted out his own slipper sock, converting from the sock yarn gauge socks.  Tom is following the principle that by doing the math, you can convert patterns from one gauge to another.

I have a similar slipper in Goldilocks, in a number of sizes.  I have knitted worsted weight slippers in various patterns for years (even though I lived in warm climates like Texas and California) because I love to have warm feet around the house.  

Wouldn't these make great stocking stuffers?  Wouldn't they be great to knit for the troops?  The homeless?  The nursing home?  Just put non-stick stuff on the bottoms!



  1. Those are great! I'm currently working up the nerve to try socks on my knitting machine. I need to use up my sock yarn stash. So I can buy more sock yarn, y'know. :-)

  2. Way to go, Tom! Good to see that there are other machine knitting blokes out there.