Sunday, March 25, 2012

Aaargh! The temptation never ends!

I love yarn.  I am as close to a yarn addict as you could ever find.  Even hiding in my peaceful home, checking the knitting blogs, it shows up to tempt me:

Opal sock yarn is just wonderful, and I often use it.  The colors in this example are just gorgeous.  Opal is a little costly, especially for me, since I make so many socks!  There's no point in making socks with anything less than absolutely excellent sock yarn.  (I am opinionated about sock yarn, and prefer superwash wool, 75%, nylon, 25%, in fun and interesting color prints, for extremely happy sock recipients.)

But I don't need... Any. More. Yarn.  Period.  I have a whole stack of plastic shoe boxes filled, not with shoes, but with sock yarn and small balls of leftover sock yarn.  I am certain I could outfit all the Keebler elves with those sock leftovers. 

This is getting ridiculous.  Is there a 12-step group for Yarn-Aholics?  If there were, I can just picture us.  Instead of talking about recovery from the addiction, we'd make each other worse, snacking, chatting, and knitting, and comparing yarn fibers, stashes, great acquisitions, where there's a sale, and where we ought to all go looking. 

Why is it that no matter how much yarn I have, I still go look at more.  My body moves on autopilot to the yarn aisles in stores.  Even if they have a terrible selection of nasty, cheap yarn, I stomp right over, I suppose to see if they have something they didn't have last time I looked.  And, how do you NOT click on a lovely email from a favorite online yarn company?

Whyizzit that no matter how much yarn I have, I need something different for the current brainstorm!  What's that about?  Is my "creativity" a mere mental machination to justify more yarn acquisition?

No matter how diligently I return leftover full balls, I still have leftovers?  Good grief, John and I were reorganizing an area in our house yesterday, and we found yet another tote of yarn.  I think maybe it sneaked into the house without my help.  That's possible, isn't it?  Maybe it was lonesome and needed a knitter to love it.  Or, perhaps we have reverse burglars?  That's it - it's illegal dumping!

No matter how many clever ideas I have to use leftovers, how come the ideas usually involve buying more yarn to go with the leftovers, or more yarn to finish the project when the leftovers run out a half inch too soon?

Why does useful information flit out of my head, like where I put my car keys, but I remember cool websites where yarn is to be found?


  1. I am so glad you said "we" trust me you are far from alone on this one. Yes, I am addicted as well...

    My name is Tom and I am a yarn addict!

  2. There is no answer to that question. Yarn is yummy, warm, delicious, pretty, wonderful!!! How could anyone resist? :-)

  3. never never enough yarn in the house! Justlast week I was lucky to find someone selling their entire stash! In total, I got 39 full cones of Tamm 3ply, Tamm Sport and Yeomann Panama plus a few odds and ends for a little over $200. It was all still in wrappers. I am still thrilled :).

  4. It's a mystery. I never buy yarn unless I have a project in mind. I buy the yarn to fit a project, not make a project fit my yarn, so all of the yarn I have has a project associated with it. Still, it fills an entire Rubbermaid box, and instead of knitting those projects I have in mind, I come up with a new project and buy the yarn for that, and not knit it. My New Year's Resolution this year was to not buy any more yarn, rather to knit through my stash. Oddly, I haven't been getting any knitting done because I think I don't want to knit with the yarn I have, rather I want to buy new yarn. O_o

  5. I feel your pain! I don't even want to think about how many eons it would take to use the sock yarn that I have, and yet, I acquire more. If buying sock yarn is wrong, I don't want to be right!