Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Checkerboard Ribbed Sweater at Art Machines

This is a racked ribbing design that I've done before, but only for a blanket - didn't every shape a sweater it.  Anna did a cut-and-sew neck and made a beautiful man's sweater.  Go look -


She does such beautiful work.


  1. Very beautiful! I have a standard guage w ribber. I saw a beautiful hand knit baby blanket w hood edged in a moss stitch. Do you have any ideas as to how to replicate the moss stitch on the edges. About 4-6 stitches in on each side and bottom and top. Is it possible on the machine. Btw I have had my machine about a year and have thanked God many times for your generous gift so teaching. You are inspiring and I'm having a great time following you. You are my first search when I'm trying something new, PS: I am a Christian too, Thanks for putting you inspiration on your page.

  2. You can hand-tool moss stitch, but that is very timeconsuming. The garter carriage will do moss stitch. You can also create a flat border with tuck stitch.

    Tuck stitch will be a different gauge, though, from stockinette.