Sunday, July 29, 2012

Garter Carriage Blanket at Il mio mondo di lana....

Inspiration from Vanda:

I enjoy looking at the machine knitter blogs in other countries, and am not much put off by the language problem, especially if it's a knitter who puts up lots of pictures.

Many blogs have a translate button, and at Il mio mondo di lana, Vanda has one down the right-hand side.  If you can't find a translate gadget, just right-click and your browser will probably offer a Google translate or a Bing translate option on the list. 

I like Google translate better than Bing.  They both have trouble with knitting jargon and slang, and you'll probably end up with a page peppered with some words in the other language. 

Vanda has a very nice blanket made with the "Modamatic" (garter carriage), and what I especially like about it is the lovely crocheted edging.  Obviously, she invested extra time to do a multi-row fancy edging, but it adds so much to the look! 

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