Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Video This Afternoon

I recently worked up the "Introduction to Entrelac" video, trying to get people to try machine knitting Entrelac, and promoting my book of round yoke sweaters, Wear Your Diamonds
This technique looks a lot more difficult than it really is.  I got a number of emails from people who made the pillow, and were pleasantly surprised at how fun and easy it is.
I made a little pile of samples on my way to a simplified pillow that could be squeezed into YouTube format. I kept glancing at one sample, partially knitted from chocolate brown and ivory heather yarn, and wondering what it could become.  I finally realized that it would make a cute tote if I added some blocks to each side to build up triangles...kind of like a hobo handbag.  Then I edged it with idiot cord and knitted a little more cord for a handle. 
Here's my finished tote!  It took less than two balls of worsted weight yarn (one of each color).  Don't you think totes look cuter with some skeins of yarn peeking out?
This tote uses the technique in Wear Your Diamonds, the circular (seamless tube) method that uses waste yarn. 
If you have made projects from Wear Your Diamonds, or if you've made the little pillow from YouTube, you're all set with just this short video showing the finish-up.  However, if you need those first videos showing how to make the pillow, click here.

And here's the new video:

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  1. Neat blog. I have a knitting machine, and I was thinking about locating all of the parts (we moved, so hopefully I still own all of the parts)and whipping up something quick on it. I had no idea the amount of things you could achieve without real needles. I'll have to learn a few things from you!