Saturday, September 8, 2012

Charlene's Entrelac Blanket - Wow!

Isn't this great?  It's Entrelac, made using three widths of 60 stitches, and then the borders are tuck stitch, a clever way to widen the borders and make them fit with the Entrelac.  I think the white is quite elegant.  Of course, when Charlene sent this picture, I asked her about the yarn she used - and how much it took!
She used two full skeins of RedHeart Super Saver, 7oz each, for the three panels.
60 stitches wide, and the end result of the 2 skeins was 10 triangles up each
side.  Three more skeins used with a punch card to do the three side borders.  That's a total of 9 7-ounce skeins, or nearly 4 pounds.  Kee
p in mind that bedspreads are much larger than ordinary afghans and laprobes.  Try laying afghans on a bed sometime, and you'll find that to get the necessary length and overhang, you need a larger blanket. 
When I had the yarn shop, we used to estimate 3 pounds of yarn for a typical, generous-sized afghan, and much more yarn for a bedspread.  Crochet takes quite a bit more yarn than knitting, unless the knitting is done with deeply textured stitches. 



  1. One of these days I will run out of other things that everyone wants & get to try this out! Just added 2 more projects to the future list this past week, so not there yet, but this is so pretty!

  2. Diana, I'm grateful for the DVD you put out, the help and encouragement you gave while I was making this blanket. Next.....the sweater. ;-)

  3. Diana I saw this and thought of you today.

    Then I logged on here and you had this beautiful Entrelac example on show! It's a really stunning piece of work and a delight to see. Congrats to the maker and thanks to you for showing it.