Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Footnotes: Goodies to Machine Knit for Happy Feet

The new Footnotes book is finally finished and available!

I apologize that this project took so long, even as summer becomes a memory and we approach slipper weather, but I am very pleased with the final book and DVD set, which has my best slipper patterns ever as well as a sock pattern. 

Slippers are just wonderful to knit for gifts.  These are quick, inexpensive projects, personal and homey like apple pie and grandma hugs. 

So, what's in the book?  Well, I have five slippers, all with 12 sizes apiece (children, women, men), and most of them in three gauges - standard gauge, mid-gauge, and bulky gauge. 
No-Sew Slipper
I did my usual charts where you pick out the color for your size and follow that column.  In addition, I have narrative explanations of the techniques and a section with Kitchener and mattress stitch seams.  The standard gauge slippers are knitted with typical hand knitting sock yarn; the mid-gauge ones use sport weight yarn, and the bulky ones, worsted weight yarn.  Odds and ends from your knitting stash can become cute small projects.

The first pattern is the "no sew" lined slipper, which comes off the machine all assembled.  This slipper is a nice, smooth fit and absolutely addictive to knit.  My knit club made bunches of them for charity, and I selfishly pulled a few out of my pile to give to loved ones.

The Moc
The second pattern is a cute little mocassin complete with a rather sentimental story about how it is a variation on the first pattern I ever wrote.  Teaching someone to knit?  This one has a hem, an eyelet row, an idiot cord, short-rowing, and even a bit of sew-as-you-go edging, truly an interesting little pattern to make up.

Quick And Cozy
For ribber fans and high-volume charity knitters, I have an English Rib slipper, the Quick and Cozy Slipper, that knits up super fast and is warm.  The Knit Natters made heaps of these for the soldiers.

The last pattern is a sew-as-you-go slipper sock in bulky and sport weight yarn.  But - if you want a regular short gym sock, make it up in regular sock yarn on your standard gauge!  I did this sock a long time ago in a women's medium in a video, and folks have been asking for it in all the sizes since then, so finally, here it is in written form.
Felted Slipper
If you use wool to knit the last pattern two tensions too big and two sizes too big and then felt (shrink) it, you have the warmest, thickest slipper of all.  In case you are hesitant to try felting, this is your chance to get your feet wet, literally.  Try these incredible shrinking cuddlers on your feet while they are still wet!

The book is all in color, has lots of photos and diagrams, 32 pages, plastic spiral bound so it'll lie flat, as usual (that's what I like, so I'm sticking with it).  The whole book is laid out the wide direction because of all the charts.  There's also a detailed DVD, high-definition and close-up, showing how to do everything. There's no story, plot, scenery, or characters, just a long stream of up-close knitting techniques. 

Don't forget to add some non-slip treatment to the soles.  I just scribble a little silicone seal or puff paint on the bottoms for safety.

Many thanks to Tom Panciarello, who did testing and suggesting, the Knit Natters who are my most beloved guinea pigs, testing and suggesting, and my sweetie, John who proofread and helped with duplication. 

Ordering Information:  You can order here with our usual prices and shipping - $25 for the book and DVD set, $3 for US shipping, $8.50 for Canada, and $13.50 for other countries.  Shipping additional items in the same order is free.  If you want to look at other products, you can use an "Add to Cart" click, and add other items to the cart if you wish (see other products at )


  1. You are so very welcome, anytime for you Diana! Good luck with the book and DVD, it is truly wonderful.

  2. YIPPEE!!! It's done! Ordering now! Can't thank you enough, Diana, for all the work you do to help keep our craft alive, and even revive it. I consider you my personal machine knitting teacher, even though we've never actually met. Without your videos, I never would have learned how to use my very expensive machines.

  3. Yeah!!! Placed my order and eagerly awaiting!!!

  4. I just placed my order! Can't wait to see how to make these. Thank you for your hard work. :)


  5. WOW! that was fast! I just received my order containing the Goldilocks Challenge set and the Footnotes set. The books are lovely and I love the layout and illustrations. I am especially pleased with the color coded sizing charts. Diana you are a born teacher. I would rave on, but that will just have to wait.... I'm off to buy YARN!!!! Carla

  6. Diana, you are the greatest! God bless you. This book is very much anticipated. Order has been placed. Luckily, I stocked up on sock yarn when it was on sale this summer.

  7. The book is really neat & the DVD perfect. I can't wait to get started on my first pair of slippers. Now, about that 'tote & purse' book?? LOL

  8. Diana, I'm hoping to get this one next month. Is there any chance you'll ever do a video on various cables? I see so many pretty ones and can do the basic cross cable, but it would be wonderful to have a plethora of cable demos. Hoping you'll consider it. Thanks. Charlene

  9. Hi, I'm very interested in purchasing this set, but I had trouble with the sizing chart for the lined slippers on youtube and chart on your blog. They were small. The man's size 10 being smaller than the woman's size ten, etc. LMK if these are using the same chart or different...and thank you for teaching me to machine knit. I am the only person I know with a knitting machine ♡♡♡