Monday, March 18, 2013

Marg's Jodie Raymond Sweater

I always enjoy Marg's blog posts, and this latest one, in which she made a round neck, top down raglan sweater in the Jodie Raymond book, is a very nice example of the design.

Ah, Marg, you do lovely work.

I have that book.  It's such a super idea; I always have liked hand knitting raglans from the top down.  I never did like the open holes on the raglan seam, though.  It might work well to run I-cord through, or twist all the loops to close them somewhat, or hmm, what else?  Let me know if you have a great idea.

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  1. Thank you Diana your high praise just made my day! We just had another snow storm and Spring is supposed to start tomorrow!

    On this sweater the holes aren't too bad but I agree we might have to come up with a different approach for the increases or a filler for the holes themselves. Mmmmmm might be a good question for knit club to see what they come up with as a solution.