Sunday, March 17, 2013

What's New...

I have been working on a KnitLeader course, trying to do a little every day.  Most days, I've come home from work and got just a little more done.  Currently, I have about an hour and a half of videos showing how to do a classic cardigan with inset pockets.  There'll be more videos to finish that project.   Because I want the course to be all about "getting the most" from this device, I have plans to show how to do several more things effectively with the KnitLeader:
  • Making large-sized garments, items too big for the knitting machine needle bed
  • Using the KnitLeader to facilitate intarsia
  • Using the KnitLeader with the bulky machine
  • Using the KnitLeader to do crafty, more unusual projects
My primary frustration so far with my project is trying to get good pictures on a standard gauge machine.  The needles and stitches are tiny when it comes to filming, however, for most fashion knitting, which is probably the primary use of the KL, you're going to use a standard gauge machine.

Along the way, I have also got videos ready to put on YouTube through July.  I had wanted to put some technique or other on video each month - kind of like an internet knitting club.  Each time I get a decent idea, I go film it.


  1. The internet is screaming out for decent knit leader instructions, there is so little available. Will you post when you have added something to youtube about it?