Sunday, April 21, 2013

Update on Current Projects

We've had another extremely busy weekend, attending a non-profit conference on Friday out of town, which took the whole day.  Left at 7:00 a.m., got home about 7:00 p.m.

Then we came home and hit our projects Saturday, hard.  John is working on an antique motorcycle and I am working on two new products at once.

My Knit Leader course is nearly finished.  I am down to last edits, menus, and the covers for the packaging.  In the course, I did a long cardigan sweater with fair isle borders on the standard gauge and a crafty bulky intarsia project.  I also included some lessons on other shaping challenges and how to take them on with the Knit Leader.  It worked out to fill two DVDs - and DVDs and not writing, but I may include a file in case someone w

I am also writing a general MK book that won't have a video, but more about that later.  I can see that I'm going to finish the Knit Leader course first.

Now, just for fun, here's a photo of monkey hats that I knitted for our club's project.  The one at 4:00 is a pattern given to me by the San Diego guild, and then I started playing around and making all kinds of changes to the idea of knitting monkey hats.   After looking at all the sock monkey images I could find, my version ended up with doubled, lined earflaps and hat area with red inside, different crown shaping, and an intarsia face with a bigger snout and smiling mouth.


  1. Do you have a pattern written for sale of this? Thanks

  2. Diana I can't wait for the Knitleader course, it sounds brilliant! I just love the sock monkey hats and the red lining looks so cosy. such a fun idea!

  3. Hi Diana, I would really love this pattern also. Will you be publishing it? My Grandson's theme is monkeys!