Monday, May 27, 2013

Giving Up on Windows 8

Today I was going to take advantage of the extra day off to edit my latest video, a redone Diana's Tam.  You're gonna love this video, I think, which will show how to do the sew-as-you-go assembly which works so much better than my original pattern.

My brand new computer for editing video is absolutely deluxe.  We did our research and purchased a very good brand, which has lots of memory and an exellent motherboard and video card. 

It is also "blessed" with Windows 8.  Windows 8 has a reputation for being more difficult to use, but I simply decided to learn to use it.

However, ease of use is not the problem.  We have only had the computer turned on over about three occasions, but all it does is crash. 

Copy a few files, lock up.  Start my video editing software, lock up.  Try to open Task Manager, lock up.  Open a "My Computer" window, lock up.  Try to shut down and restart, lock up.

Now, crashing isn't so bad if you have worked for hours and saved your work, but this beastie crashes in less than five minutes.  It is absolutely unusable. I was considering returning it to the store, since I haven't even cleared away the packaging, but John believes the problem is Windows 8.

John is patiently installing that older operating system.   Fingers crossed, toes crossed...hope it works! 


  1. though i have been a die hard Mac user for about 8 yrs, I do also use PC's on occasion, and I use Windows on my Mac for the few things that are not compatible in my job. I had the preview of Windows 8 last summer and hated it until I got some training on it. Once I got how the start menu worked, it wasn't bad. But once I got a small PC notebook, I actually liked Windows 8. (a lot of the features were just annoying in a virtual machine). I worked at a major electronics retailer and got really familiar with it. Don't get me wrong, I am still on my Mac as we speak. But, I found Win8 to run better with less system usage than win7 or even my favorite, XP.
    It is not, however, for everyone. But it sounds like it could be a bigger problem, no reason for all that crashing. I upgraded to Win8 on an el-cheepo laptop with the bare minimum of processing power and it ran great. Good luck on backwards install- I did that on a Vista machine (that was a truly hateful OS) and though it worked, there were always a few drivers that remained a mystery. Hoping you are up and running soon.
    I recently got a new to me Singer 360K and your videos have been such a blessing.

  2. The problem is the computer, and NOT Windows 8. I've had Windows 8 for quite some time, my son was a beta tester, so has had it for well over a year (before it was available to the public), and my husband has had it for a year, and other than an update which was actually a Microsoft problem (it's rare that their updates are faulty, but this time it was), we've had no problems with it. I'd exchange the computer. It sounds more like a hardware problem (defective RAM comes to mind--I had a repetitive crashing problem with Windows 7, and it was my memory sticks).

  3. We'll soon know, Heidi! If it crashes with Win 7 it can go back to the store.