Friday, October 25, 2013

Fabulous Fiber Fair - And, It's Not Too Late!

John and I are in Franklin, North Carolina, and I'm getting ready to teach all day tomorrow.  We have spaces!  In fact, the class will be quite intimate - I usually have 35-50, and we have a much smaller group, as this is primarily a spinning, hand knitting, and weaving kind of event.  I should have split my classes up more, but the way I set it my schedule, you have to commit to a day (9-4). 

Tomorrow (Saturday), I'm teaching on a bulky machine, my entrelac techniques, basic techniques, garter bar tricks, all kinds of things that apply to almost any machine but are easiest to see on the bulky.  Sunday, we're setting up a standard gauge machine to teach lace and ribber techniques, including my Enchanted Edgings and a bunch of other cool stuff.  I've made terrific bound handouts for everyone and brought a boatload of knitted samples.  John also put out "Are You Curious About Machine Knitting" brochures in the main entrance, doing our bit to try to popularize machine knitting.

And oh, the SAFF fiber fair is fabulous!  There are SO many vendors, so much gorgeous yarn, so many pretty patterns, and beautiful spinning wheels.  We gave the vendor area a walk-through and found wool, cotton, alpaca, yak, bamboo, and mink fibers, plus mountains of roving and fleece.  This is also a lovely area with lots to see and do.  We wish we had a lot more days!  John and I combined this trip with some sightseeing.  We drove along the Blue Ridge Parkway; we went to Friends and Fiberworks, a marvelous local yarn shop, and best of all, we went to see the Biltmore House. 

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