Sunday, October 13, 2013

NEW! October Video - Lattice Lace on the Silver Reed (Studio) Machine


I get lots of requests for Silver Reed videos, so here's one!  This pretty lacy ripple is something I first did, long ago, on the Brother machine, then the Toyota machine, and now, here it is on the Studio.  What makes it ripple is the slant of the transferred stitches.  You don't need to block or force the ripple to happen; it's integral to the stitch structure.

While I have not had any success doing the automatic scalloped edges on the Studio, it does a wonderful job knitting lace.  The way it transfers stitches and knits all in one pass, it zips out lace FAST!  Here's an old favorite lace pattern for the many situations where you want all-over laciness.

By the way, the way this is punched and the way the needles are arranged (do full repeats of 24, please) you won't need to worry about edge stitches. 

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  1. I just love this I can't wait to try it. Diana I just purchased a studio 700. I'm having difficulty finding any videos to show how to work on this machine. Will you be making more videos on the studio 700? Pls Pls. Thank you so much for this one. You are a Great instructor.

  2. Oh thank you Diana so much for this video, I can'twwit to try it. I just purchased a studio 700 and don't find any videos on this machine to help me learn about. Oh I do hope you will be making more video for this machine. You are such a great instructor. Thank you

  3. Thank you Diana. please could you scan this studio, the toyota and the brother lattice lace punchcards. I have a silvereed sk280, brother kh950i. Thanks.

  4. You wouldn't happen to have the Brother version of this lace handy? :)