Monday, March 24, 2014

I don't publish comments with links

I know it will probably do absolutely no good, but here I go again, announcing that:

1.  All my comments are moderated.  I look at them before I let them be posted to this blog.
2.  I do not post a comment with a link.  Why?  Because they are usually miserable deceptive links that might send my readers to evil websites with viruses, other malware, porn, or who-knows-what rotten content.  Do not include a link in any comment, please.

Yep, it goes without saying that I'm deleting this kind of spam every day.  I am afraid I'll miss one and let it post accidentally.

If I miss one someday, and there's a link in one of my commenters' posts, please don't click there.  Don't click anywhere unless you are certain it won't hurt your computer.

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