Monday, March 24, 2014


We just finished the seminar at Newton's Knits in Anaheim, California, and I'm in recovery mode (I get tired traveling and teaching). 

A thousand thanks to everyone who attended and to Norman, Helen, and their wonderful staff.  This is an incredible seminar for both demonstrators and participants, and if you can ever attend one, you ought to!

Here are a few things they do that I especially loved:

1.  They have cameras and big screens for each demonstrator so folks can really see exactly what is going on at the machine.

2.  They have fantastic shop items as well as a big parking lot yarn sale!  (Yes, I bought items; as a matter of fact, I'm having a few things shipped.  Are you kidding?  I could not resist.)

3.  They don't charge folks very much for classes, and they even get walk-ins, since they're in a big city having a parking lot yarn sale.  Boy, was I surprised when I had some people in my class who were just beginning to explore machine knitting!

4.  They have raffles every day, which the participants love, with great prizes.  Most seminars do this, but it bears mentioning anyway, because attendees enjoy it so much.

I wish I had taken some photographs, but it's a busy time, and John and I were really swamped with things that needed doing. 

I am doing three more seminars this year!

Next up:  Spring Fling at the Knit Knack Shop

April 11 and 12, I'm teaching, along with an incredible lineup of other teachers, in Indiana at the Knit Knack Shop's Spring Fling.  Learn more about it here!

I have redone all my curriculum for this year, and Newton's was my first run through it.  I think you will really enjoy the new material. 


  1. Hello Diane. I really do wish that one day you would venture across 'The Pond' and visit the United Kingdom. It would be truly wonderful to be able to attend one of your Seminars. In the meantime I, like many others will have to be content watching your videos. Kindest regards Anne

  2. how about the east coast you do the west and middle. It would be a treat and pleasure.

    1. I can only do a few each year; went to Baltimore last year. This year, I'll be doing one in upstate New York. Keep an eye on this space, and I'll keep mentioning where I'm going to be!

  3. I am going to start buying lottery tickets, Nope, I will spend my meagre funds on your books and videos!

  4. I was privileged to take 2 of your classes at Newton's last weekend. Splendid information beautifully presented. THANK YOU! I now have the dvd's and the books so I'm ready to learn. Can't wait to have more instruction from you. Rest up and know how lucky the knitters are in April in Indiana to have time with you!
    Mary Still-a newbie machine knitter!