Sunday, May 4, 2014

Purls of Joy Seminar

Well, here I am in the Denver airport, awaiting my flight back home to Austin.

John and I had a fantastic weekend at Purls of Joy knitting seminar in Princeton, Minneapolis.   Every seminar is different; every group unique, and Minnesota is a very special place for machine knitters.  First of all, they have multiple dealers, talented folks who teach, design, repair, and otherwise support our craft.  They have an assortment of knitting clubs, too, and I met a lot of quite advanced knitters at Purls.

I loved the two style shows.  Quite a lot of people participate, wearing fashions they knitted.  My husband, who usually doesn't notice knitwear, grabbed me a couple of times to ask if I saw this or that particular gorgeous outfit.  Walking around the room, I saw cables, beads, laces, weaving, thread lace, ruching, on a grand variety of garments. 

Princeton is a small town, and we stayed at the AmericInn, along with many of the knitters.  With a fire in the lobby fireplace and knitters lounging around, our evenings morphed into a party and gab fest.  We ran into wonderful folks we only knew online before, and a few people we hadn't seen in years.  People came from as far away as Canada and Louisiana.  John and I ate yummy food, going to the Bakers Square twice, since there isn't one in Austin.  John got pie, while I stayed on my food plan.  Food at the seminar was great, too, along with lots of fresh coffee, chilled bottled water, and other beverages and treats. 

I was crazy busy at the event.  Since I'd never taught there, my classes were beyond filled.  I didn't take any photos because I was swamped.  At one point, I got behind schedule and taught through the break.  We probably busted the fire code, stuffing an extra fifteen or so chairs in a room intended for 50.  Over 100 knitters attended.  John ran out of several items, which we are mailing to customers when we get home.  The knitters did everything they could to help each other be able to see and hear. I did my best with my little voice, since we had a glitch with the audio and couldn't use the PA.  Some of the ladies helped me move a few chairs to the very front, which we reserved for those having difficulty hearing.  We had a fantastic camera and projector and a superb picture of what I was doing at the machine.  I ran out of handouts, and as participants email me, I'm sending .pdf files.

This seminar is held in a large church hall, complete with classroom spaces, a big kitchen, nice restrooms, and plenty of parking.   It's put on by a dealer's association, and they know what they're doing.  The door prizes were fantastic - several subscriptions to Machine Knitting Monthly were given away, a sewing machine was a prize, along with cones of yarn and many other goodies.  They even have a knitting contest, and I voted for a spectacular beaded and cabled outfit after struggling to choose just one.

Please, if anyone got some good photos, could you email some to me?

I have now finished three seminars within two months, all wonderful - Newton's Spring Fling, Knit Knack's Spring Fling, and Purls of Joy.  I'm "off" until fall, when I'll go to Fingerlakes in upstate New York.  However, I promise not to be "off," but to finish up the baby blanket book.

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  1. With you there my friend it had to be a rocking event. Hope you receive some pictures to post.