Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Inspiration at Regg Og Vrang - Baby Set

Check out this super cute turquoise and orange baby set:



  1. hi, Diana. Last year I happened to come across a video that showed a project of a beautiful lace being done on a knitting machine. Fell in love with the idea of producing wonderful lace work. Bought an SK 840 knitting machine and all it's accessories. My problem now is that my lace carriage LC 580 does not knit any lace patterns from the DAK 8 program. The needles kinda bunch in the carriage and gets stuck. My main reason for investing in this craft is to produce beautiful lace fabrics. Am I doing anything wrong? Very frustrating and a big disappointment. HELP!!!!!

  2. If you're wanting to use a Silver Reed machine to do lace, you MUST use Silver Reed lace patterns. The Brother patterns will not work, because the machines work differently.

    By the way, the Enchanted Edgings book I wrote is all Brother lace patterns. They will not work on Silver Reed machines.