Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Tom's Teaching an MK Group in Las Vegas

This post from Tom Machine Knitting Guy has a list of his upcoming seminars, but there's also some very good news here.  With his friends, they've got a weekly group in Las Vegas now!  If you live there you ought to jump aboard.

Tom's going to be teaching in Austin at our very own club April Fool's weekend of 2017.  I'm really looking forward to it.

I'll be teaching a seminar in Denver in April, one in Austin in August, and in Milwaukee in September.  There's a good chance that I'll teach sometime this year in Anaheim, but I don't have dates yet.  Interested?  Email me.

I've been writing a do-it-yourself seminar booklet.  Lots of demos, and I plan to film videos of each this will be included.  Could someone please send me some clever names for a book and video of this nature?  The idea is that these are demos that can be done on almost any flat bed machine, and they're from my repertoire of seminar demonstrations that are most popular.  Meanwhile, I am working on a mid-gauge progressive project book - same idea as The Goldilocks Challenge but mainly new and different projects.

There's an email icon down a ways on the left-hand side of this blog.  I can be slow and get behind, but I answer nearly every email.

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