Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Things to Do On New Years's Day

There are lots of superstitions about New Year's Day.  Here in the South, we're supposed to eat a "mess of black-eyed peas" for good luck and prosperity during the new year.   Some the other traditions and ideas I found on a web search:
  • Other foods are supposed to be lucky - lentils and pork, for instance.  Lentils are round like coins.  Pigs move forward as they root, and we want to move forward, don't we?
  • We're supposed to stock up the pantry!  You can't start out with bare cupboards, or the year will continue in that way.
  • Don't let any of your stuff leave the house; otherwise, this will be a year when things leave the house, and you become poor.  True believers don't even carry out the trash! 
  • Don't break anything today, or pay out any money, or cry.  Again, you're avoiding setting a negative pattern for the year.
  • First foot - the first person setting foot in your home is going to set a pattern for the year, so it's best if he's tall and handsome. 
  • Polar bear plunge - jumping into cold water is a New Year's tradition in several colder countries.  I have NO IDEA why what's good luck.  Can anyone enlighten me?
  • Set goals and make resolutions to set the tone for the year.  After all, a new year is a new start!
  • Turn the hangers in your closet the wrong way.  As you use your clothing during the year, you'll put it back in the normal way, and next New Year's day, you any easily identify anything you haven't used all year so you can clean out your closet.
All right, y'all, I am giving MY plans for great New Year's Day:
  • This is the FIRST DAY OF MY RETIREMENT!  I am celebrating a new time in my life and new adventures I know God will bring.  I'll start by spending time with the Lord. 
  • I'll follow my food plan.  Many of y'all don't remember me when I was fat, but five years ago, I lost a LOT of weight, and I'm sticking to the plan!
  • I am going to pack some boxes for charity, at least one or two, because I need stuff to go OUT of my house.  I want to set my brain on culling things we don't use. 
  • I'll knit for a while, to establish that pattern (and because I love to do it).
  • I'm going in my knitting room and doing the little TLC routine on all my knitting machines that are set up.  (The video is below).  A little cleaning and oiling, a little love, and these wonderful old machines will give another year of excellent service!

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