Monday, September 7, 2009

Home at Last

Like most people, I enjoy both travelling and getting home again. This trip to California, primarily to visit family members, was both stressful and fun.

I hadn't been there in several years, so the changes in both places and people were profound and often upsetting. In just a week, we stayed in San Bernardino, Huntington Beach and Simi Valley. We visited both my sisters, my younger brother (the older one doesn't live in that area), John's brother, sister, and mother. The easiest way to get together was to take people to dinner, so it was something of a restaurant tour. (Fortunately, according to my bathroom scale, it wasn't a complete disaster, but we did eat a lot.) We also shopped a little for real estate in the beach communities.

We got home last night, according to our plan to have Labor Day off to recover.

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