Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ribber Lesson 24 - Drop Stitch Lace

This is a kind of knitted lace, made on the ribber.
If you were handknitting, lace like this is made by doing two yarn-overs, or wraps, in one stitch and then you would drop the extra wrap when you come back. It's the same effect - a larger stitch that makes a hole.
This is very simple to do on the ribber, especially if you have a cam for dropping stitches. If you don't have the gadget, you can drop them with a ruler or even your hand.
Try it out - the video is below. Click on the arrow for Ribber Lesson 24, Drop Stitch Lace.

Here's the chart -


  1. Hi, there is an easier method of knitting Drop St. or release st. lace on the ribber,
    where you don't need a special card or patt.
    but can use almost any Pattern in the Stitchworld book without alteration.


    You can compare my way on this Blog.

    Congratulations on your many Videos, they are of great benefit to many New Knitters!

  2. You have a wonderful blog, Ludmilla, and I see you are a fellow lace nut!

    Yep, these videos are intended for beginners, many of whom haven't got a dealer or teacher. My hope is that each person who watches can do the techniques shown.

  3. I am sure that any prospective knitter can follow your instructions;
    they are so clearly set out.

    Yes I like lace & laceconversions, but then I also get carried away with other Knit techniques & the different machines.
    It's fun playing!