Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ribber Lesson 21 - Short-Rowing in Ribbing

I'm willing to bet that even a lot of very experienced machine knitters haven't done short-rowing in ribbing! Come on, give it a try - it's in all the machine ribber manuals I have seen, and it's fairly easy, if you get the weight right.

This is just about like main bed short-rowing. The big difference is that ribbing requires more weights, and as you take needles out of work, the part of the work you're still knitting gets baggy and needs more weight.

Just a few posts ago I have one called "Knitting Weights," with pictures of all my knitting weights and weight hangers plus how much each one weighs.

You can feel the fabric forming underneath the machine and tell that the part that's getting longer than the rest needs a weight. Use a narrow weight-hanger for a situation where only a few needles are still in work and a longer weight hanger for a situation where there are still a lot of needles knitting. Remember, it's the needles that are in work where you need the extra weight!

As you keep short-rowing, you can adjust the weights by removing the weight hangers and re-hanging them.

Here's the video. I hope you'll try it out!

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