Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'm Teaching a Seminar!

In November, I'm the teacher for two days at the Dallas-Ft. Worth machine knitting group's annual seminar.  Wow, am I excited!

Dallas is less than four hours' drive from Austin, so I've attended, and thoroughly enjoyed, several of their seminars.  They rent a nice, big room above Stacy's Furniture near the airport, and they do a fantastic job feeding us and spoiling us rotten during the day.  There's a terrific Holiday Inn Express next door where I like to stay (free breakfast and very nice rooms), and lots of restaurants and shops in the area to visit in the evenings.

This is a great group, and I really enjoy them - not that you ever go wrong hanging out with knitters.  

To get some sense of what the group would like to do, I made a list of possible demonstrations and sent it to their leaders.  They took a poll using my list, and I used that to figure out the program.  It's over a weekend, and here's my plan, roughly:

On Saturday, I'm working on a bulky machine, demonstrating the circular swirl baby blanket, the Fast! V-neck raglan technique, utility cast-on, Entrelac, trims, edges, seaming, and important garter bar techniques like increasing and decreasing across a row, round yoke shaping, and using your garter bar to move only the stitches you want to move. 

On Sunday, out comes the standard machine.  I'm going to show circular and sew-as-you-go sock techniques, Knit Leader and fitting basics, fancy booties, and Jaws (shadow lace tool).  Finally, we binge on lace with thread lace, scalloped lace, mirror lace, and fancy lace edgings.  

Maybe we'll get to do more, but you never know - I'll want to cover things thoroughly and clearly, so it depends on how many questions I get.  

There is some space left at the seminar.  If you are interested, the DFW Machine Knitters site has all the information here:

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