Sunday, May 16, 2010

Now Available - Beautiful Ribber Scarves

The "Beautiful Ribber Scarves" DVD and book are now available!  These scarves required more written instructions, charts and diagrams than usual, so we went with an 18-page, 8-1/2" x 11" coil bound, full-color book.  On the video, I included all the significant steps for each scarf, even the steps that they have in common.  You can choose the scarf you want from the DVD menu and then follow that without skipping around.

These scarves are a wonderful way to improve your ribber skills and make something beautiful as you learn.  The scarves turned out terrific - you should have heard the gasp when I pulled them out at Knit Natters!  I worked hard to choose the prettiest, most practical, and interesting stitches I could, and then make very clear instructions.  What's more, when you finish knitting and binding off, these projects are done!  Only one or two even benefit from a light steaming - there's no edging, or blocking, or assembly.

There are eight different scarves in the book:
  • Burgundy tucked rib scarf - a variation of 1x1 rib and tucked ribbing, using a very simple chart.  This one is lacy but lies completely flat.
  • Green English Rib scarf - everyone should learn English Rib.  It's a great-looking stitch, simple, easy, elegant, and also lies flat.
  • Purple full-needle rib tucked scarf - You probably have dozens of tuck patterns that you can translate into FNR tuck scarves and other projects.
  • Zigzag scarf - an interesting use of ribber racking to make a wonderful, rick-rack shaped scarf.  I've included the cheat sheets with the rack numbers.
  • Red wavy tuck stitch scarf - here's a tuck stitch over 1x3 ribbing, a very fancy closed stitch that knits up very quickly.
  • Cream tuck lace scarf - this one is 1x3 lacy tuck that looks a little like butterfly lace and a little like fagotted insert lace.  
  • Honeycomb tuck scarf - I got hooked on the honeycomb scarf on the Passap machines, but did you know your Japanese machine can make it, too?  
  • Diana's favorite:  the light blue "quilted" scarf.  This is an unusual technique.  You knit circular except for the selected needles, which knit through both layers.  It's warm, thick, and would also be an amazing stitch technique for baby blankets, because it's thick and has the quilted texture.  This one is big, though, a full 8 ounces of sport yarn.  Note the finish on this scarf is a smiles-and-frowns cast-off, closing the top of the tube just like the bottom.
The majority of the scarves use only 4 ounces of yarn and make good one-sitting projects.

The DVD and book are $25 plus shipping.    

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