Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Garter Bars Available from Kris Krafters

I'm an advocate of learning and using a garter bar with your knitting machine.  I have produced a video course on 2 DVDs where I do all kinds of useful tricks with a garter bar, and it's for sale for $25 at  I put some abbreviated videos on the garter bar on YouTube, as well.

I'm both grateful and excited when someone takes a risk and manufactures items we need for machine knitting.  It's terrific news that new garter bars - and especially 6.5 mm midgauge garter bars - are available.  Mid-gauge garter bars have been almost as rare as unicorns!  Bulky garter bars were hard to find, as well, and when you found one, priced over $200.  Now, we can get 'em!

The website is:  

Kris wanted me to review and film the new bars, and sent me a nice mid-gauge, but I have to trade for a bulky because my mid-gauge is not a standard size.  Kris is mailing me a bulky one, which I think will film beautifully, and when it arrives I will try it, review it, and do a YouTube video.  I will tell it to you straight, whatever pros and cons I encounter actually using it.

Facts about the Kris Krafter garter bars:

  • Price is very reasonable, far less than any new prices I've seen in a long, long time
  • The workmanship looks good.  I felt it all over to see if it's smooth, and it's been buffed thoroughly.  It's stainless steel.  
  • They are much lighter than the old-fashioned ones, since they're an open-channel design.
  • You can see through the open channels, so you'll be able to see the stitches when you pick them up for garter stitch.
  • There's not a stopper included.  I'm going to experiment with a piece of matboard or very stiff cardboard to brace the needles instead of a stopper.

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