Saturday, September 25, 2010

ASK DIANA: I Want to Learn to Machine Knit

Reasonable questions:

"I want to learn to machine knit.  Where do I start?  How do I find a machine?  How do the find the resources I need for a beginner in your enormous blog?"

1.  An essay on choosing your first knitting machine  Shipping knitting machines is expensive and fraught with difficulties.  Try Craigslist to look at free classifieds in your area of the U.S..  John likes Craigfind for search for unusual things all over the country!

2.  If you do a lesson a day, you'll knock out the beginner course in a little over a month.  Watch a video, then do a video (Betcha you can't really do only one a day!)

3.  Once you learn the basics, you're going to want to make something!  Here are some appropriate projects for your very first efforts (main bed only):
4.  Got a ribber?  Here's the ribber course.  And, here are some beginning projects using your ribber:
5.  Got a garter bar?  Having one really will make knitting easier.  Here's the garter bar course.


  1. Lion brand yarn has a nice beginner knitting machine. Blog me your location, as there is a nice shop near me that teaches beginners and services the machines. I just had a lesson from them.

  2. I think this post will become a standard reply to all those on Ravelry who ask about machines and learning curves. I was one of the them too only a short year ago.
    Thanks for putting it all in one handy reference blog post, Diana.

  3. You can link to this and all the steps are in a fairly logical order.

  4. hi dianna could you do some lessons on fairisle i would like to know how?