Thursday, September 23, 2010

First Flooring Job Done

The living and dining rooms are floored - we had a crew there all day yesterday, with my patient husband dealing with issues as they came up.  This is a laminate, which we were told holds up better than wood with a dog, and we chose a glossy finish because our house is a little dark with a lot of shade trees outside the windows.  I absolutely love the new floor.  We know we need to do drapes and a number of other jobs, but those aren't such a bad job as flooring, which is rather like moving in and out of your own house.

We have a number of wood shades around the house including the mahogany piano and a dark cherry dining table in that area, and our color choice is fine.  The light colored tile has been in the house forever, and back then, with two little boys to raise, was part of my reason for choosing this house.  All the traffic areas downstairs, kitchen and baths are tiled.  

The rest of the house is complete and utter chaos.  It looks like it was attacked by evil cardboard monsters with boxes and piles everywhere.  We have packed up a lot of things, gotten rid of a lot of things, but we aren't even going to put everything we kept back into the spaces.  More de-junking simply has to happen.   

The carpet has arrived at the warehouse, but we need a little recovery and regrouping time before they come. The new carpet is made from recycled pop bottles.  We chose it for stain resistance and softness.  The softness is quite a surprise considering its origins. It's a good old, boring light honey color.  


  1. Dear Diana. My name is Wendy Smith, and I am the President of the Machine Knitters Association of South Australia. I have recently purchased the Enchanted Edgings DVD and Book, and am gradually working my way through it, and finding it so enjoyable. Can I please have an e-mail address as I would like to email you privately.
    Regards Wendy

  2. My email is diana_knits "at" sbcglobal "dot" net.

    Email is the easiest way to contact me.