Sunday, September 19, 2010

Inspiration: Great Sox at Knit Flix

Knit Flix: HKF


  1. WOW! I really need to practise turning cables.

    Would this be possible to do on the ribber? Has anyone tried?

  2. Sure, I've done complex cables on the ribber. You have to think about whether it's worth it and how much hand manipulation you have to do.

    One thing to look at is my woven cable garter bar lesson. A gorgeous Aran cable, and not all that much work.

  3. I'll check out the garter bar lessons again.

    I am considering to buy a garter bar (finishing jumpers and cardies must be SO much quicker if you're using a garter bar for stich holder!) Are they different for different brands of machines?

    I assume the garter bar itself would be the same as long as the needle pitch is right, I am more thinking about the needle stopper. Do they come in different makes for different machines?

  4. The Japanese garter bars came with needle stoppers. Any machine was okay as long as you had the right needle pitch. I noticed that some of the dealers have them in stock and very reasonable prices, at least standard gauge ones. Other sizes are just impossible to find.

    Kris Basta's garter bars cover those other sizes. She's making several mid-gauges and a 9 mm bulky. You do have to buy the stopper separately.