Saturday, November 27, 2010

2 New Videos: Hat on Ultimate Sweater Machine

Hi, USM knitters!  Hope your Thanksgiving weekend is lovely.

The hats to match the scarves turned out great!  There is about 20 minutes of instruction, which takes two YouTube videos.  The first video includes a detailed description of how to latch up a ribbing with a stretchy rolled edge cast-on for a very professional edge.  This particular latched-up ribbing isn't in the beginner course.  I like it and have wanted to include it in a video for a while..

To sew the hat up, you can use mattress stitch.  I've got a lesson on that here showing how to do it on the knit side.  This is a reverse stockinette hat, so do this mattress stitch with the purl side up, picking up the horizontal purl bars (the seam bulk is on the knit side).  If you seam isn't perfectly straight, it doesn't really show on the purl side like it does on the knit side!

Video 1 of 2:

Update:  Video 2 of 2


  1. Diana-
    I think there is a step missing on the second part where you are decreasing on the hat. Excellent idea on the sweater machines though. I already own one but I am picking up a lot of little tips here and there. Thanks for posting the info!

  2. Thanks - I took out the wrong snip of video, have a new one processing. There are a couple steps there that make the hat better if done correctly, so I wanted to fix it. It takes YouTube an hour or more to process a new video, plus there's my editing time, and it should be viewable later this afternoon.

  3. thanks Diana for your time and information. I will try it now.

  4. Thanks with it I would have been lost thanks a lot