Monday, November 8, 2010

Seminar Photos

Some pictures from the DFW seminar.

Yup, that's a karaoke machine we used to for a PA system, and there's our setup with a TV and camera so no matter where you sat in the room, you could see.

We had about 37 knitters.  Carl and Barbara Deike came and helped me, and my husband John changed Passap batteries.

It was casual, fun, relaxed, and yet, we squeezed a lot of content into the two days.

 Folks milling doing their own things on a break - the DFW gals have door prizes and lots of food and fun for the breaks.

Huddling together, learn to do crab stitch (backwards single crochet) on edges.

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  1. What a beauttful sweater you are wearing. I wish you would show more of your garments on your blog. They are an inspiration.