Sunday, November 7, 2010

Greetings from DFW Seminar

We had a big day yesterday, starting to knit around 9:40 a.m. after setup and working through the cast-ons and bind-offs and several other basics.  Then breakfast - we'd already had dripping hot cinnamon rolls and breakfast at the hotel, but we hit it again with potluck breakfast at seminar.

We had a hi-def TV hooked up with a camcorder focused on my hands and we had a homemade PA system consisting of a big karaoke machine and a wired mic.  Worked great except that every thirty minutes, it would time out and turn off and one of the knitters would hop up and push the button.  Thank goodness we were able to acquire this gear right before seminar - I have a very small voice and there were a lot of people.

Yesterday morning, we went through the cast-ons, cast-offs, and other basics, then hit the garter bar.  I didn't get all the garter bar techniques in the course, but I showed the ones on their request list - move only selected stitches, garter, quaker, round yoke.  Then we started going through all the other single bed stuff in the seminar handout book, such as the circular swirl baby blanket, single bed sock, Norwegian baby bootie, and lace edgings.  I spent some time showing the Entrelac technique - at least the foundation row and the other two basic rows.  I ended the day just thrilled that we got through all the material and the knitters were so pleased.

We had a super-lucky potluck lunch - all sorts of homemade goodies.  I had to taste the potato salad, the meatballs, the lasagna, the homemade tamales, and the chocolate desserts.

I ended the day just thrilled that we got through all the material and the knitters were so pleased.

Supper was pizza, friendship and conversation at our hotel.  Turned the clocks back:  Fall back!  Got lots of sleep.  Here we go again!   I'll try to get some photos today.

Today's going to be ribber-focused.


  1. Diana, Thanks for coming to DFW. I had a great time, and learned so much. I was especially interested in the MK Entrelac, and how to use my "Jaws". It was great! I hope we weren't too bad. I, for one, had a GREAT time, seeing all the things I could do, that I hadn't seen before. Please come again!

    L. Mihay

  2. Thanks, Linda! I had a great, great time working with everyone at the seminar.