Thursday, January 20, 2011

Baby Tam

A friend who collects dolls took one of my baby tams home to try it on her life-sized dolls.

I was knitting and sizing tams for the upcoming book.  The small size came in at about newborn to six months.


  1. Hi Diana: I have a question. When knitting on my machine, sometimes (often) I get a long loop of yarn on the left side of the knitting. It is long sometimes,10" and sometimes short 2". It does not seem to matter what fiber I use. When I made the circular baby blanket I had at least 2 loops per section of the 'pie'. It is frustrating to have those long loops when everything else appears to be working well. Since it does not happen on every row, or on any rhythmical sequence, I cannot figure it out. Have you ever had this happen to you? I've asked My knitting machines and me,(Susy) and she said she gets them also, but does not know how or why. I'm puzzled, and hope you have some pointers.
    Still learning from your videos, thank you for producing them.
    On one of your recent pictures you looked like you've lost weight. Congratulations! (I'm working on mine...)
    Thanks, ^__^

  2. You shouldn't have looping at one side; it normally means something is wrong. I wrote a fairly long essay about side looping problems, here:

  3. Thank you for the help. I will have to try your suggestions, although I had checked most of those things I had not checked the circular brushes.
    Thanks again, ^__^