Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Goldilocks Challenge Book - Tams

The playful pinwheel tams make great gift items, so I recharted them in worsted weight yarns for the Goldilocks Challenge book.

I made most of my samples with variegated yarn.  Of course, you could do fair isle or planned stripes or wedges, but as these are, they are VERY simple to make.

These projects don't take much yarn.  You knit the hat band first, take it off on scrap, then knit the top, attaching the band as you go.  It's another one-sitting project.  There's a final Kitchener stitch join for the circle and a mattress stitch join for the ribbed band.

Sizes include baby, toddler, child, and adult.  The math needs to be perfect, and all are well-tested.

My favorite one to knit is the baby hat.  This unusual gift strikes me as just the thing for a Mama Bear who wants her bald baby girl to look feminine!

I used a dinner plate to block Mama's hat.  My saucers  fit the toddler's hat.  I used plastic lids for the baby and child sizes.


  1. How cool. They look complicated and are so easy to make and they're cute.

  2. I showed mine off at my Machine Knitting Guild meeting, and somebody wanted to know where I got the pattern so they could make one on their standard machine (I'm a newbie, so I was impressed). I recommended you and your site!