Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Goldilocks Challenge Book - Slippers

Here's a progress report.

I've done quite a bit of knitting on the book, figuring out sizes, checking them, knitting and reknitting as needed, and problem-solving.

I know I take "forever," y'all, but I promise you a quality project book and a great value.

I'm very fond of the slipper socks.  I like small projects, to sit down and make a gift in just one sitting, and my gift recipients love warm feet.  This is a winning combination!

Daddy Bear slippers are shown at the top, then Mama Bear slippers in lavender, and then working on down through various childrens' sizes.

I'm using an assortment of yarns that are readily available at the hobby store.  Slipper socks don't take much yarn. If you have small amounts of good worsted leftover yarn, you can make something terrific.

V. I. D.  Very Important Details:

- When the stitches are big like these bulky machine projects, the details really show!

- Use the best, most practical yarns you can find.  As you progress in your knitting, learn to value your time by using good materials.

- The sock has a ribbed top, which means you have a little latching to do if you don't have a ribber, but it's worth it.

- Sew a correct Kitchener stitch along to join the foot top to the front of the cuff and a good Mattress stitch side seam along the short cuff seam.  A little practice is all it takes to make great seams.

- The sew-as-you-go seams look great.  Just a couple of practice sessions, and you can master them.  After that, you'll be thinking of all sorts of situations where you might want to use them.

- Hide ends carefully by sewing them neatly into the inside seams.  I sew in about an inch and a half of yarn for security.

- Don't forget a non-slip substance for the bottom of the socks.  I've used puff paint and silicone seal, and there are also commercial products available.  A few scribbles on the bottom of the foot is all it takes.

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