Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Long-Short Day

This morning I went to a new CPA swearing-in ceremony near downtown Austin, and this afternoon I attended Knit Natters.  Then, I went home and took a late nap!

Sometimes I volunteer to usher at the swearing-ins, but this time I had only volunteered to work the TSCPA tables at the back.  I wanted to keep off my feet a bit; four hours on concrete has been pretty hard on me in the past.  I knew three people getting their certificates today.  This is always a happy event.  Best comment of the morning - an attractive young woman saw our free "I Heart My CPA" bumper stickers and said, "I hate my CPA!  Well, at least it's over."  You see, by the time people finish the test, which really is awful, and the work experience, most of their loved ones have been neglected a while.

At Knit Natters, I brought a survey created by asking everyone in the Knit Natters Yahoo Group what demonstrations they prefer at our upcoming seminar.  Working with an exciting list of possible demos, everyone present filled out the survey.  I still need to compile them, and then we can start slotting them into a schedule.  By the way, having a Yahoo group works out well for us.

It seemed to be a foot day.  I demoed a bootie (again) but everyone likes that one and it has a lot of cool techniques in it.  Barbara demoed a very clever Passap slipper.  She needs volunteers to help her knit for the troops in Afghanistan, and I'm thinking about organizing an online knit-along for that purpose.  Barbara has been asked for items for far more troops than she can possibly knit by herself, and she's been told that  the knitted items are more than just a little relief from the cold - they represent someone stateside's love and appreciation for them.  So, how about a slipper knit-along?

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  1. What perfect timing! I, just this past week was doing a google search for knitting for our troops. Was going to make them socks but could not find a website for this purpose. Count me in, you have my email address (I hope), just let me know the what and where and I will start burning the needle bed.